After attending a course it is not always easy to put into practice whatever you have learned immediately. Many students feel the need for someone who takes them by the hand at the beginning, looks over their shoulder, keeps their products and results critically up to the light before they are brought out.
Taraxacum fills in this need as required, both onsite and remote, both individually and for teams – of course in the IT domains in which we specialize and offer trainings.

In many cases, it is about thinking on design and approach at the beginning of a new project, or about sparring on progress every few weeks; another form we often meet is to review and comment on draft products and results.
Whatever you need, coaching by Taraxacum is always taylor-made: no more than necessary, no less than desired. It is amazing to experience how many new insights can be derived from a single Skype session or a few hours of sparring!