Design Thinking, what is it anyway? A method – an approach – a culture – a mindset?
Yes, indeed, all of it!

Design Thinking is becoming increasingly popular among professionals who want to deliver better solutions to their users; innovative solutions for wicked, ill-defined problems.
So actually for the problems that organizations are really concerned with today.
Design Thinking is based on two pillars: empathy and creativity.
A continuous focus on early feedback, prototyping and co-creation with users mitigates the risk of innovation.

Target audience

The A4Q Design Thinking Foundation training is intended for professionals from business and IT who want to develop their empathy and creativity skills, and seek practical tools from a well-developed theoretical framework.
The Design Thinking ideas fit perfectly into an Agile approach and are a must for anyone involved in innovation.

Business outcomes

A person who participated in the A4Q Design Thinking Foundation training

  • knows the basics of Design Thinking,
  • knows the three most important schools: Double Diamond, Stanford d.school and Designing for Growth
  • knows the four ‘steps’ that make up the Designing for Growth approach,
  • has practiced the ten techniques that are applied in Designing for Growth,
  • knows what circumstances support innovation.

At the end of the training you will take a multiple-choice exam. The Design Thinking certificate is awarded to you if you successfully pass it.


This 4 dayparts training is derived from the Design Thinking syllabus that you can download from the iSQI website.
It is an interactive combination of theory, exercises and practice exam questions, that prepares the candidate for both the exam and the actual application in practice.
The exam is part of the training and will be taken collectively at the end.