Elicitation and consolidation are core activities of requirements engineering: collecting the wishes and demands from all relevant sources and bringing them together in a single, consistent set that captures the essence of the system to be developed.

Target audience

The Advanced Level Elicitation and Consolidation addresses business analysts, requirements engineers and designers, who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge of eliciting and consolidating requirements in complex environments. To participate to this training, the candidate should have some years of practical experience in IT and possess knowledge of requirements engineering at the foundation level. To actually obtain the AL E&C certificate, the FL certificate is a prerequisite.

Business outcomes

A person with a CPRE AL E&C certificate

  • is familiar with the specific terminology within the fields of elicitation and consolidation,
  • has mastered the techniques and methods that are used in this discipline,
  • possesses sound knowledge of how to apply these techniques and methods,
  • has proven that in a practical examination.


This 4 dayparts training treats the specific techniques, methods and approaches of requirements elicitation and consolidation.
It is based on the CPRE AL E&C syllabus, that can be downloaded at the IREB website.
It consists of theory, exercises and practice exam questions, and prepares the candidate for both the exam and the actual elicitation and consolidation of requirements in complex environments.


The examination consists of two parts

  • Multiple choice test
    The test is not a part of the course itself; it can be taken individually after the training.
  • Written assignment
    The written assignment must be submitted within one year of taking the test. It must represent a realistic project situation from your working environment and demonstrate that you are capable of applying the acquired RE knowledge.