Many Agile teams find it difficult to deal with requirements.
The Product Owner just maintains a product backlog with users stories and that’s it.
The RE@Agile Primer makes clear that the integration of professional Requirements Engineering in Agile approaches can add much value.

Target audience

The RE@Agile Primer addresses two target groups:

  • Requirements Engineers who want to work in an Agile environment,
  • Agile team members who want to deliver products that really match the user’s requirements.

Business outcomes

A person with a RE@Agile Primer certificate

  • understands some common misconceptions about Requirements Engineering in Agile approaches,
  • knows how to refute them and turn them into advantages,
  • knows how to apply certain Requirements Engineering techniques in an Agile environment.


This 2 dayparts training connects the Agile world to professional Requirements Engineering.
It is based on the RE@Agile Primer syllabus and study guide, that can be downloaded at the IREB website.
It consists of theory and exercises, and prepares the candidate for both the exam and the actual work as requirements engineer in an Agile team.
The certification exam is no part of the course and can be planned individually afterwards.
Alternatively (or as exam preparation), the candidate can take an online self-assessment on the IREB website.