‘Add Agile to your analysis, add value to your business’.
This saying perfectly summarizes this course, as it concentrates on the value that Business Analysis can provide to Agile projects.

Target audience

This course is for everyone who is involved in business analysis and wishes to understand their role in an Agile environment. Not only will you gain role-specific tips of the trade, but also understand what is valuable or possible, based on real examples, which will help to stimulate collaboration and continuous improvement within projects. It also introduces a selection of techniques that align well with the Agile approach and philosophy.

Business outcomes

After the course, successful participants will be able to

  • identify the role of the business analyst in Agile software development projects,
  • participate in Agile teams developing software,
  • articulate the business analyst’s responsibilities to both the enterprise and the Agile team,
  • understand the business analyst’s contribution to the Agile business analysis frameworks,
  • identify business analysis specific techniques that contribute to the delivery of artifacts that add value to the enterprise initiating Agile projects,
  • appreciate the importance of, and how to contribute to continuous improvement through retrospectives.


This 4 dayparts training  explains what to do as a Business Analyst within, or supporting, an Agile team.
It concentrates on maximizing the added value of the solution provided to the business.
The certification exam is no part of the course and can be planned individually afterwards.