Understanding the way in which agile companies function and the day-to-day impact it can have on the work of everyone involved, can sometimes be a difficult concept to get your head around.

Target audience

If you are new to an agile team, dealing often with agile companies or just generally interested in the benefits of working in an agile environment, this certification can really help you!
This training is aimed at anyone involved in an agile project and who wants to become familiar with working in an agile environment: developers, analysts, testers. The success of an agile project not only depends on the skills and experience of the project team members but it also depends on the understanding and awareness about agility of all involved in the project. This includes the members of the project team and the user group, the management and the stakeholders.

Business outcomes

After the course, successful participants will be able to

  • value the principles behind the Agile manifesto and the Agile approach to software development,
  • appreciate the roles within an Agile team,
  • understand how to contribute as an Agile team member to quantifiable requirements,
  • apply whole team quality methods to ensure acceptance criteria are met,
  • appreciate the importance of effective Iteration Reviews,
  • contribute to continuous improvement through retrospectives.


This 4 dayparts training  explains the fundamentals that underlie the Agile approach.
It also provides a thorough insight in the roles, processes and techniques that are applied within Agile projects.
In the training offers plenty of room for mutual discussion and attention for application in practice.
The certification exam is no part of the course and can be planned individually afterwards.