Software testing is the ultimate way to assess the quality of IT systems.
But only professional testing can give reliable answers.
The TMap® Suite is a complete toolkit for professional testing.

Target audience

TMap® Suite Test Engineer is indispensable for all professionals for whom testing is an important part of their job. Also, it is beneficial for key users, developers and software managers, who are involved in testing software projects and information systems.

Business outcomes

A TMap Suite Test Engineer is able to

  • apply the four basic elements of the TMap Human Driven approach to build the fifth element ‘Confidence’,
  • explain how TMap building blocks underpin these elements,
  • select the right building blocks to compose an effective test strategy for a certain project context,
  • apply these building blocks in proper test varieties, coverage types, test designs, test tooling and test activities.


This 6 dayparts training contains the essential toolkit for Software Testing.
It is based on the ‘Workbook TMap® Suite’, that can be downloaded at the TMap website.
It consists of theory, exercises and practice exam questions, and prepares the candidate for both the exam and the actual use of testing techniques in practice.
The exam is part of the course and can be taken collectively at the end or individually planned.